Report in the ORF program "Thema "

On March 15, the ORF broadcast a report about my personal story and my new work environment in the program "Thema". 

Guest in "MOTCAST"

On February 26, Ingo Stoll's Transformations Podcast was about the question of what is changing in the aviation industry right now. And how much is actually enough.  

"wetransformpilots" on television for the first time

"What are we waiting for?" was the topic of the talk show "Nachtcafé" on January 29 on the German channel SWR. From about minute 41 Michael Marchetti tells his story.

Article in "Der Standard" dated January 9, 2021

Article in "Der Standard" dated June 6, 2020

Michael Marchetti and Jens Hollmann in September 2020 about the future of flying and transformation in the podcast "Ich Wir Alle".

The future of work

"The future of work has arrived!" is the headline of the renowned World Economic Forum in October 2020. In just 4 years, according to the forecast, half of our current jobs will be done by machines. And half of all current employees will have to learn new core competencies. Reason enough, we think, to start looking for what you're really good at. Because these changes offer opportunities: 97 million new jobs, for example. In areas that don't even exist today...


There is a lot of literature on the subject of transformation and change. Two classics are recommended to our visitors here: