Our offer

We want to help you reinvent yourself. In doing so, discover a perspective that has missed you until now. Together with you, we will uncover buried talents. Pave the way for your new self in the world. You will recognize where you might sometimes be standing in your own way. And how good it feels to free yourself from your own limitations in your head. 

This is the moment when we realize what else we could be. It's about not settling for the second-best option, but finding your best path. This is in our own hands. We can also make a seemingly "bad" job our first choice. Maybe just for a few months. Or by realizing what we can learn from it right now. That maybe it's just one stop on the rest of our career path. 

Biographies of successful CEOs show that many had to leave their familiar paths before they actually achieved success. Their careers include interruptions and setbacks, from which they later emerged stronger. This includes the courage to try things out. To engage in trial and error. 

We organize workshops, initial meetings, individual coaching sessions, weekly events and longer-term courses for airlines, in which everything revolves around the topic of change. In doing so, we show participants tools and make them aware of their inner attitude. This is the prerequisite for drawing personal profit even from a seemingly difficult situation.

Michael Marchetti Transformation

The idea  

The first ideas for "wetransformpilots" emerged under the impression of the Corona crisis in the summer of 2020, when private jet pilot Michael Marchetti realized that there would be no going back to the world before Corona and therefore opportunities for real change presented themselves. Marchetti, born in Vienna in 1973, first studied history and literature. Along the way, he began working as a journalist in 1991, initially for print media and later for ORF (intrenationa audience may not know this, is this a big station?) radio and television. He lived abroad for several years, including in Spain, Chile and Kenya. In 2002, he moved with his wife Tiba and their two daughters to Mexico for a year and worked as a diving instructor and underwater filmmaker before starting pilot training at the age of 30. In 2005, he became a commercial pilot.  A few years ago, he crossed the whole of New Zealand on foot. The impressions and encounters on this five-month journey changed his thinking permanently. 


Nikolaus Hanke

Nikolaus Hanke, MSc, born 1969 in Upper Austria, studied coaching and organizational development. His core competencies are individual executive coaching and consulting for top management in change processes. 


Tiba Marchetti

Tiba Marchetti, Mag.a, born 1967 in Villach, journalist, coach, psychotherapist. In her TV reports for the ORF, the academic journalist deals with explosive social developments. 

Jens Hollmann

Jens Hollmann, born 1965 in Dortmund, coach and author, successfully leads companies through change processes and has been a transformation expert for more than 20 years. Led MBA courses at Danube University Krems for six years.


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Mind Changer 

Founded in 2018, Dr. Sonja Radatz and Maxim Zalesskiy's future platform provides inspiration through dialogues and webinars with global thought leaders and Nobel laureates.